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If your tax returns are filed correctly and accurately by a qualified tax professional providing income tax services, the chance of being selected for an audit by the CRA is much lower. However, a request from CRA to audit or review your financial records is part of the income tax reporting process as well, so it can happen at any time and you need to be prepared.

If you are selected for a CRA audit, let Amin Accounting help you through this process. As Toronto-based accountants, we provide CRA audit accounting services and will ensure your rights under the Income Tax Act are protected. An audit is often a stressful process for business owners and Amin Accounting can help mitigate the anxiety and uncertainty associated with these audits. We take care of the details, for example, arranging mutually convenient meeting times and places for the CRA to perform the audit. Most importantly though, we will also negotiate on your behalf to limit the scope of the audit itself. Amin Accounting also makes itself present throughout the entire CRA audit process so that the audit can be completed quickly and you can carry on with your business and your life, with minimal interruptions and stress.