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As one of the most respected accounting firms in Toronto, Amin Accounting prepares financial statements for tax preparation, and more importantly, we analyze the results and provide the right recommendations to help your business limit its tax liability. The process of preparing taxes and annual financial statements in our Toronto office allows us to further connect with our corporate clients, understand their businesses in depth, and create a plan to ensure they’re taking advantage of important tax opportunities within the parameters of the Canadian Income Tax Act.

Financial information is required for many reasons, including income tax compliance, to obtain financing, to gain additional shareholders, or to engage in effective capital expenditure planning. Regardless, we prepare financial statements quickly and accurately to meet all of your requirements.

During the tax preparation process, tax planning, planning for growth, wealth creation, and trust and estate planning strategies are often born. The long-term impact of these strategies is measured in your bottom line, in your personal equity, and in the equity passed on to your beneficiaries.