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You may be eligible to claim a Federal and Provincial (Ontario) HST rebate if you purchased or constructed a new house. This rebate is intended to compensate for part of the HST that you paid when you acquired your new home.

Amin Accounting specializes in HST rebates for new homes in Ontario. Our HST application service is meant to assist you in obtaining the HST rebate on new or substantially renovated homes.

If you have recently purchased a home (or condominium) with the intention of renting it out, then the property would be considered an investment property. As a purchaser of an investment property in Ontario, you may be eligible for the new residential rental property rebate (NRRPR).

When you purchase an investment property, you are generally required to pay the HST on the purchase and subsequently apply for an HST rebate from the government. The rebate amount can be significant as it can reach a maximum of $24,000. To determine your eligibility for the HST rebate, there are specific criteria which you must meet, this criteria is outlined by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Amin Accounting specializes in HST rebates for new residential rental properties in the province of Ontario and can assist you by completing and submitting the HST rebate application on your behalf.